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  • An experienced educator to help you adjust to college life

  • An experienced educator who has taught college students and knows challenges and obstacles students experience

  • Works closely with you to formulate good study habits and organizational skills

  • Helps to identify non-cognitive factors affecting student success

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What is a Success Coach?
  • How to Succeed in College

  • Discovering your Learning Style

  • Reading and Writing Strategies

  • Taking Tests

  • Note taking

  • Time Management

  • Goal Setting and Affirmations

  • Other skills as identified through testing

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What can you help me with?
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Of course not. You will be assigned a Virtual Success Coach and can begin at any time of the year.

School has already started. Do I need to wait until the new semester to schedule an appointment with a Success Coach?

No. We welcome middle and high school students.  Research indicates that preparation for college should begin in middle school. Our professional staff can design a program for your middle or high school student.

If you are a non-traditional student who has not been in school for several years, we can assist you as well.

International students and students enrolled in a study/exchange program can benefit highly from personal mentoring and coaching.

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Do you only work with college students?
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What is the fee for a Success Coach ?

A student's needs may vary. We have several educational plans available for you to choose from. Payment plans will be discussed during the initial, free consultation.

I am ready. How do I sign up?
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Easy. Just complete the contact information above to schedule a session with your Personal Success Coach.

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